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Did you know that Reflex Nutrition have been making supplements in the UK since 1996? We own and operate 3 purpose built factories making supplements in accordance with strict ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures. All of the electricity we use is 100% Deep Green from Ecotricity, the UK's leading suppliers of Green Energy.

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$ 79.95
Flavours & Sizes
One Stop Xtreme

4.35kg - 30x145g Servings

Banoffee, Chocolate, Strawberry

Recommended use: Mix 145g (approximately four and a half level 60ml measures) with 400ml water and mix thoroughly in a shaker cup or blender.

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One Stop XTREME – The hardcore muscle builder

Reflex Nutrition’s most hardcore muscle building supplement in our 15 year history. Designed to outperform all other muscle building formula it is THE product for people wanting to pack on mass fast. It is the only product to contain the exclusive Quattro® protein blend with every single batch lab tested for protein content.
55g of Quattro® time-release protein
Arguably the most sophisticated protein blend in existence that you won’t find in any other product. Quattro® is unique to one stop XTREME, exclusively from Reflex Nutrition. It consists of three different types of whey protein in conjunction with pure undenatured micellar casein. Four of the best!
Contains organic & low GI sources of carbohydrates
The primary carbohydrate content of one stop XTREME is provided by a unique complex of organic oats and barley with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Added to this is the designer low GI carbohydrate trehalose; this provides your body with a very stable long lasting form of carbohydrate that will help prevent gains in fat whilst also providing the increased energy that is needed to fuel intense training sessions.
Contains an added 3,000mg** of mTOR anabolic L-leucine
Of all the essential amino acids the branched-chain amino acid L-leucine is the most potent. L-leucine is scientifically proven(1) for its ability to initiate biological signalling via mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) - in simple terms it can trigger increased protein synthesis when combined with whey hydrolysate and carbohydrate taken after resistance exercise.
Every 145g serving provides a huge 10,500mg dose of BCAA’s
Because one stop XTREME contains such a potent complex of whey peptides and whey fractions it therefore contains naturally high levels of branched-chain amino acids. Just one serving provides 10,500mg of BCAA’s! Branched-chain amino acids are scientifically proven to increase protein synthesis, increase workout capacity and aid in recovery.
5,000mg** of patent process Creapure® creatine monohydrate
Nearly all of the scientific studies(2) relating to increased muscular strength, increased power, increased endurance and increased lean body mass have one thing in common. They all used Creapure® creatine monohydrate. That is because Creapure® is recognised as the best quality creatine monohydrate available today, providing a patented solution to your strength and growth goals. Whilst other supplements contain different forms of creatine like creatine ethyl ester (CEE), none of these other forms have ever been proven to outperform Creapure® creatine monohydrate.
Research proven levels of beta-alanine
The harder, more intensely you train, the greater performance and results. However, with intense training comes lactic acid, ammonia and acidity build up. Beta-alanine is a precursor to carnosine which helps to buffer acidity/pH changes within muscle tissue. Scientific studies(3) have proven that beta-alanine decreases fatigue in athletes and increases total muscular output. Industry leading doses of 1,800mg beta-alanine are found in just 1 serving of one stop XTREME.
10,000mg of the most biologically available form of glutamine
10g of glutamine peptide, a potent source of glutamine, which is credited with anti-catabolic and immune support. Glutamine peptides are absorbed by the body more easily than normal L-glutamine. This is especially important in an all-in-one formula where protein and other amino acids will compete for absorption.
Contains a full complement of vitamins
100% of the RDA of vitamins which makes it unique in the all-in-one market.
Strength-boosting magnesium with testosterone-supporting zinc and avena sativa
one stop XTREME contains zinc monomethionine, the highest known quality form of zinc. This is instead of the cheaper, less easily absorbed zinc oxide. Avena sativa is included to support healthy testosterone levels. Magnesium, in the high quality form of magnesium citrate (instead of magnesium oxide) is included in the formula to help boost strength and energy production.
Contains stable probiotics, digestive enzymes and a bioavailability enhancer
LactoSpore® probiotics are added for gut health and Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex is added to help the body digest these performance ingredients more efficiently. Also included is BioPerine® a patented and natural bioavailability enhancer to ensure your body gets maximum absorption of the nutrients contained in one stop XTREME.
**per 145g serving
 1.Leucine-enriched essential amino acid and carbohydrate ingestion following resistance exercise enhances mTOR signaling and protein synthesis in human muscle, Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab: E392-E400, December 2007.
 2.Effects of oral creatine supplementation on muscular strength and body composition, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: March 2000 - Volume 32 - Issue 3 - pp 654-658.
 3.Beta-alanine Improves Sprint Performance in Endurance Cycling, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: April 2009 - Volume 41 - Issue 4 - pp 898-903.

Protein Testing

By testing every batch of whey protein or protein powder focused product that we produce, we have literally set a new global standard in the sports supplement industry.

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