Did you know

Did you know that Reflex Nutrition have been making supplements in the UK since 1996? We own and operate 3 purpose built factories making supplements in accordance with strict ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures. All of the electricity we use is 100% Deep Green from Ecotricity, the UK's leading suppliers of Green Energy.

Reflex Guarantee

Formulated to be the market leader

Better value than the competition

Made with 100% renewable energy and a recyclable container

Made in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures and randomly drug tested in accordance with ISO17025


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A huge amount of interest surrounds One Stop Xtreme. The launch of the video over the Christmas period has seen thousands of people watch the video that outlines the amazing nutritional properties of One Stop Xtreme, why?

Protein Testing

By testing every batch of whey protein or protein powder focused product that we produce, we have literally set a new global standard in the sports supplement industry.

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